Corporate Communication Training 

With clients and vendors for a more positive 

experience interacting withyour business by:

  • Learning to read between the lines to understand needs
  • Identifying priorities by recognizing what they listen to
  • Using subtext and nonverbals to communicate on more levels
  • Maximizing influence with listener-centered speaking skills             
  • Increasing competency in digital media interaction
  • Focusing presentations more on learning than delivery

Internal Communication 

With and between personnel to increase productivity, self-motivation and cohesion by:

  • Creating a more affirmative work environment 
  • Increasing self-motivation in order to increase productivity
  • Eliciting the talent of employees in problem-solving
  • Communicating vision in evocative but understandable ways
  • Conducting meetings which people enjoy attending
  • Generating enthusiasm and  camaraderie to encourage ownership

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Communication Arts Llc Business Communication Presentations

​"Charlie is one of the best I've seen in the identification of specific group dynamics. His unique ability to connect with an audience enables him to treat each group individually and create an environment of trust, respect, and full participant engagement." 
              Richard Barnhouse
​                 Associate Vice Chancellor 
                 University of Wisconsin Colleges

External Communication