Corporate Communication Training 

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Teaching interpersonal business skills
to read others and connect with them 
​on underused communication channels 
"it's refreshing to have someone present clear concepts in a no-nonsense manner. By doing so, Charlie relates to people at all levels within an organization and leaves attendees with something to use for the rest of their lives"
          —Wally Waldhart
             VP Sales and Communication

​​​​A university professor, motivational speaker, conference facilitator, actor and director, Charlie brings a wealth of presentation and performance skill to his work. He focuses on action and practical things you can start doing this afternoon to interact better with every individual  inside and outside your organization. 

His master’s degrees in theatre give him distinct advantages in the field of communication, in which he teaches public speaking, interpersonal communication, rhetoric, dialects and voice and diction.

He has taught theatre and comm​unication in Wisconsin for 17 years: 7 at UW-Sheboygan and 10 at Lakeland University. Previously, he taught in North Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan and Illinois. 

In 2012, he formed Communication Arts, a consulting firm specializing in business communication. His dynamic presentations teach employers and employees how interpersonal communication skills increase customer rapport and profitability.